My Counselling Approach

img-20180822-wa0006My counselling approach is Humanistic and Integrative, incorporating Psychodynamic, Person Centered, Gestalt and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approaches.I specialise in  Sensorimotor Psychotherapy SP is very gentle therapy which focuses on the inherently intelligent processes of the body and mind to promote healing. SP evolved from the Hakomi Method founded by Ron Kurtz and has its roots in Taoism and Buddhism. Committed to principles of mindfulness, non-violence, organicity, unity, and mind/body holism. By proceeding slowly, gently, and non-violently, an atmosphere of safety is created in which defences can be examined and willingly yielded, rather than confronted and overpowered, new resources, especially somatic resources, can then be developed.


img-20180822-wa0010This method does not involve bodywork or any attempt to manipulate or change the body; it uses the body as a way of accessing aspects of us which are outside our awareness or conscious mind. This is one of its greatest strengths because the body can be a source of information that is normally unavailable to us. Issues that may take months or even years in more traditional talking therapies can frequently be done in less time.


I am flexible about appointment times and duration of treatment – my aim is to provide only what you need, whether that’s a couple of sessions or longer term therapy